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First written in 1996, the Hong Kong Employment Visa Handbook is widely acknowledged as the definitive source of industry-standard resources designed specifically for those individuals planning to self-manage a Hong Kong employment visa application at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

This complete, up-to-date, 100% free, professional D-I-Y Guide, the Hong Kong Employment Visa Handbook contains every possible resource needed to successfully submit, manage and complete a Hong Kong employment visa application.

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Taking Up Employment in
Hong Kong

You may not travel to the HKSAR as a visitor if you intend to:

- Engage in work or employment activities, or

- Receive work or employment related training.

You have to obtain an employment visa prior to travelling to the HKSAR.

This Chapter lays bare the employment visa ‘approvability test’ and sets out what the HKID are looking for in their assessment of human capital when applying immigration policy behind the grant of employment visas. It also discusses how to ‘get around’ the "apply before you arrive rule".